Consumer goods data to benefit users and businesses through crowds and artificial intelligence

Your Challenge. Our Solution.

We solve three challenges for business competitiveness: lack of data, scarcity of data scientists and complex technologies to make sense of the data. We created a platform to solve these three obstacles, from collecting data in the real world with crowds and gamification to processing it with AI, enabling users, businesses and organizations to gain insights about products and consumer preferences among other things.


Crowdsourcing + gamification


Human computation + computer vision

Machine Learning Function

Annotation + structure + modeling + prediction + data visualization 

Our Approach

Through our mobile-enabled platform and apps, we introduce the concept of Quests in the real world to collect first-hand data and maintain it relevant.

Wisy delivers:

For Business & Corporations

Data Gathering & Processing

Machine learning and human computation to process images and data, intended to help you analyze key information for your business, such as product information including prices from invoices.

Customer Journeys

Learn about your customers to create  personalized  experiences. Position your brand and enhance your loyalty program.

Mystery Shopper Quests

Enroll contributors to gather information in the physical world for you, or have your images labeled and annotated at a low cost.

A Predictive Tool

Data collected from physical locations or invoices, processed in real time with human computation and machine learning, provides a prediction tool for businesses.

For Users

Value data for households

From crowdsourcing wisdom, learn where products are sold at lower prices. Shop in stores that have your preferred products or services, or decide based on the best reviews.

Earn money

Become a contributor for crowdsourcing data collection.

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