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Data-driven Marketing

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Wisy connects brands with real shoppers through fun Quests in the physical world.   

A new generation of customers is disrupting every single industry in the world.

How to connect, engage and turn them into advocates of our brands is the ultimate challenge of every business.

At Wisy, we believe that those who understand people first…wins!

Eagle Eye Marketing Research

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Traditional marketing research is very slow for the era we are living in. With Wisy we have a crowdsourcing community that will give your company Eagle Eyes on whatever data you ask them to collect. 

Digital Retail Excitement

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The retail landscape is changing rapidly with more customers using mobile apps to get their products delivered to their door. It is becoming harder and harder for retailers to surprise them. With Wisy and its augmented reality functionality you can hide surprises around your store and awaken customer curiosity.


Private Quests.

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With a gamification strategy we can build a private quest to engage your workforce in initiatives such as training programs, change management, kick-offs and more.  

Collect Data for Machine Learning and AI

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Everybody is talking about Big Data but few companies are collecting data for machine learning and AI. With Wisy you can start collecting data with the power of our CA-MARON Crowdsourcing Community to connect the dots of the customer behavior in areas where other don’t even see dots.

Instant Loyalty Programs

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Loyalty programs have become commodities in many industries because of the lack of innovation and fun. With Wisy you can launch a loyalty program that engages your customers by challenging them with fun quests.

Work the Beauty of Crowdsourcing

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The gig economy is setting a new pace for many businesses. At Wisy we believe in inclusion and never leaving anyone behind. Our collaborative platform allows people to earn some extra money by completing  simple quests to collect fast and reliable data for businesses.

Immersive Customer XP 


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Our trivia challenges and special quests generate an immersive experience that connects with your customers in many emotional ways.

Online - Offline Bridge

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Wisy provides a solution for you to connect with customers beyond the digital world.  Try it today!

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