Wisy for

Content Creators

We know how hard it is to gain and engage audiences for your awesome content. That’s why Wisy is here to give you a hand. 


Take your brand to uncharted territory by creating experiences for your audience where they can have fun and connect with you beyond the likes. Motivate your audience with innovative loyalty programs that not only surprise them but entertain them. 

As participants complete actions, they collect points they can later redeem for fantastic prizes, or climb up to the top positions in the ranking.

Actions will give players points, which can be fixed or dynamic.

For example:

A secret word is worth 500 pts.

Fixed: Every player who introduces the word, receives 500 pts.

Dynamic: Only the first player to introduce the word receives 500 pts, then its worth starts decreasing by 1 pt every time someone introduces it; so that the next one will receive 499 pts.

Mix and match features

Find secret words

Hide secret words in your content and have your audience guess or find them as Easter eggs.  They might need to watch your content multiple times to find it 😉

Want people to follow you on social media? Let ’em know you got secret words out there too!

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Send push notifications

Yep, that’s right.  We give you the power that no other platform gives you.  Direct broadcast communication to your audience.  Use it wisely, it’s powerful.

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Instagram exposure

Your audience can also earn points by posting on their Instagrams, any pictures related to your content using your #hashtag.  Their picture will also appear in the Wisy Gallery.

Can you imagine having your own fan-made gallery?

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QR Code and check-ins

Want to reach the physical world?

Have your audience scan QR codes and check-in in physical locations for treasure hunts or simply to drive traffic to your sponsor.

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Answer trivias

Are you covering specific topics every now and then?  Setup trivia about it and engage your audience in healthy competition to show their knowledge.

Trivia can be setup to answer anytime or during a pre-defined timeframe.


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It's all about the community

Enable the in-quest chat and have your audience interact beyond comments.  You can join the chat too and answer real-time!

Wisy is a community-based platform, leverage on other quests participants and boost your audience. 

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Friends Referral

Wisy understands the power of referrals!

Have your audience share your quest with their friends, join the fun and discover your awesome content.

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$$$$ Monetize $$$$

You can also monetize by setting up paid quests.

Your audience shows their support by paying an entry fee to join your quest.  They get to have fun and compete for giveaways.

Note: This feature is in Beta version. Contact us if you are interested in trying out our early access for paid quests.

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